Apropos of nothing

Came across this photo yesterday. It is a picture of my mother when she was a little girl, her father, and Robert Wadlow, who is generally considered the tallest man who ever lived. And who apparently also lived near my mother when she was a little girl.

My mother is on the right. Wadlow is in glasses.



6 Responses to “Apropos of nothing”
  1. giant_ant says:

    lol. I love that we needed the description to tell them all apart.

  2. greyaenigma says:

    That’s pretty amazing. And sad that he only lived to 22.

  3. Great picture!

    Hey wow, he is in my Guiness Book of World Records from late 70s…

  4. emeraldsedai says:

    In glasses. Hee!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Robert Wadlow

    Hi Todd, great photo. I’m a writer in Burbank (but from the Midwest) and I’m working on a book about Robert Wadlow. May I contact you regarding your family photo? Please reach me when you get a moment….THANK YOU. Steve (coxwriter@aol.com)