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No blogging today as I catch up on some too-long-neglected work. Instead, why not head over to Obamicon and have some fun with turning your favorite photos into world-class inspirational political posters? And do remember to post your results here.


24 Responses to “Anti-post”
  1. revfish says:

    Well, my favorite pics for this project are not of me but some of my favorite people…things…monsters…




  2. ruinednet says:

    Ah, Peloquin was great. Here’s one of my favorites so far:

  3. You know, I never quite understood how a world-class inspirational political poster could be something as easy as using a Photoshop filter. The times: they do change.

  4. memento_mori says:

    I’ll put Robama up against Clarence any day (pre-filter PhotoShop).

  5. Man, I had to make all of mine by hand a while ago.

    Here’s two:

    The rest are through here

  6. misterseth says:

    Here’s one…

  7. One more from me…


  8. bassfingers says:

    The one I’d wanted to do a while back, but now could due to the ease of Obamicon…

    Classic John Dall…

  9. Todd says:

    Forwarded from faithful reader The Editor:


  10. Todd says:

    My son Sam (7)’s contribution: