Ankle-deep in Bentfoote-land

My apologies to my faithful readers, I have been ensconced in the Jack H. Skirball Theater shooting the dance sequences for The Bentfootes. James Urbaniak has been “unwell” and unable to attend the shoot up ’til now, so we need to shoot around him. In his place, a PA has been holding a stick with a piece of orange day-glo tape at the end. Mr. Urbaniak will be digitally composited in later.

For those interested in the history of this unique and bizarre project, factoids and whatnot may be found here.

Be back soon!
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8 Responses to “Ankle-deep in Bentfoote-land”
  1. monica_black says:

    James Urbaniak has been “unwell”

    Doesn’t he know that the show must go on?

  2. popebuck1 says:

    You’ll know you’re in trouble when he starts complaining that the orange-tape-on-a-stick is “stealing the damn picture’ and demanding that it be replaced.

  3. urbaniak says:

    I hear that the orange-tape-on-a-stick just got a Lifetime series.