a screenwriter’s notebook part 2

I’ve been in darkest New York for the past two weeks, toiling on an unfamiliar computer with unreliable and recalcitrant internet service, hence my lack of posting. Now that I am back in Santa Monica, I have meetings scheduled for four different projects and visitors coming to stay, so I will likely continue to have sporadic posting at best.

However, here are some more pages from my trusty beaten-up notebook.


Card’s gang is a gang because they can’t get along with their flocks — they’re misfits — they have each other

Each one has a story


Card consider’s Flicker his conscience — don’t you get messed up in this stuff, I need you to stay pure for me — you’re who I always wanted to be — free, in love, at one with the world — but that was not my path.


Other stories in the FB universe — other gangs of bug-eaters, berry eaters


They break Card’s wings — that’s why he can’t fly when he is being chased

They break them in a previous chapter — they are healed already, but he cannot fly

Cole and Leda have a mentor-protege relationship

Cole is definitely in control; Leda is subservient and submissive to Cole’s will. Cole is there to teach her — it’s like Newman and Redford in The Sting.

While Cole makes the deal on the house, Leda makes the deal with Dax.

Leda looks like Ava.

Go square
Red arrow
Boardwalk runs around the entire island

Flicker’s dream life

I could smell the hot stink of their breath.

They were here to kill.

These were going to be my last moments on Earth.

I am going to die.

GM makes a fake
NC tracks down artist
Artist says it’s real
Turns out he’s lying, wants there to be more of his work in circulation


The one who is helping you is the real bad guy

You tell me you’re the criminal

What does Spectre want?

Art “appreciation”

What is Noah’s attitude toward the painting? Toward art in general? Does he believe it has value in and of itself?

Does he believe one painting is better or more valuable than another on aesthetic criteria alone?

Turns out Lou botched a dog SS mission

Dan’s son has a brain tumor or some rare brain anomaly that impairs his visual cues — agnosia?

Tattoo as art

Tattoo stolen? How?
Copyrighted? Someone else’s skin?

Lou must disguise himself to gain entry to T_____’s HQ

Jaws equivalent

Benjamin Franklin fantasy
iPod example

Stolen piano roll — all this madness, avarice and greed to finally hear this delicate piece of ineffable music

The universe as is is NYC
The universe as S imagines it is Berlin, 1936

The pictures at Sardi’s — the newly famous replace the forgotten famous — and all will be forgotten because there is only so much room on the walls.

Bird sex.

First Union scene ends without them getting anything done — too busy arguing.

A society that has lost all notion of value.

When objects of beauty and fine art are commodities.

What is the true identity of Viktor Petrov?
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9 Responses to “a screenwriter’s notebook part 2”
  1. uthuze says:

    This is fascinating.

    I’d love to hear your analysis of What SPECTRE Wants, if you haven’t done it already.

    • Todd says:

      That note actually baffled me. I don’t know if I was thinking of the James Bond SPECTRE or the DCU Spectre. In the case of Bond, What SPECTRE Wants is one of the more poorly-defined aspects of the series. In the case of the DCU Spectre, what Spectre wants is so gigantic and nebulous that it becomes difficult to define for other reasons.

      • greyaenigma says:

        I certainly hope it’s the latter. I’d love to see some exploration of The Spectre and the conflict between the human spirit and the right hand of god bit of him. Maybe already been done somewhere.

  2. never_wakeup says:

    I think we’ve all had a Franklin fantasy or two.

  3. craigjclark says:

    Bird sex.

    All right! Now we’re getting somewhere!

  4. mikeyed says:

    Please, you’re my only hope…

    analyze Sam Raimi’s Army of Darkness.

  5. teamwak says:

    When objects of beauty and fine art are commodities

    That reminds me of the original Rollerball movie, where they players and girlfriends blow-up trees with a laser for kicks.

    There was something similar in Futurama where Fry (in the 30th century) wants to do all the things he couldn’t do in the 20th century like blowing up a planet, and playing skeet shooting with Old Masters.