A really bad Disney movie

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9 Responses to “A really bad Disney movie”
  1. sorceror says:

    Obviously he’s just another Godless elitist from Hollywood, demonstrating his open contempt for decent, hard-working, salt-of-the-Earth Americans and the values they hold dear. 😛

  2. vinic says:

    Update: D4: The Mighty Ducks has been greenlit; synopsis: Coach Bombay’s death via heart attack results in his wife taking over the now 37-year-old-age-averaged team. After such ironic moments as putting on lipstick during the puck drop, the team goes on to defeat Russian rivals in an epic game.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ohhh! I can’t wait to see Coach Palin call for the flying V as a last resort against those pesky russians!

  3. zodmicrobe says:

    I am reminded of STRAIGHT TALK with Dolly Parton and James Woods. Except in politics. I think that was a Hollywood Picture, in the two seconds that subsidiary was running.

  4. ndgmtlcd says:

    Hitchcock gave a really bad reputation to actors, so when you see one making simply good political comments in a very clear way, then he comes through as a genius.

  5. narzoth says:

    Poor Matt

    This is a video of a man carelessly and with good intent stepping right into the GOP’s bear trap.

    I’m sure he believes he’s doing a simple, heartfelt moment of earnest talk, but this is how its going to look after the spin:

    Almost every single suburban or rural swing-voter knows a four-wheeling hockey/soccer mom. They’re probably related to or married to them. The qualities of Sarah Palin that Damon makes some light jokes about are exactly the qualities that give the suburban/rural voters that ‘one of us’ feeling about her.

    So yes, the effect is going to be one of, “Wow, millionaire Matt Damon is sitting in his Hollywood mansion making fun of our bumpkin ways, while we sit here trying to figure out how to pay the mortgage!” It doesn’t matter what else he says – that’s what a lot of America is going to hear. You can joke about the cliche, but its true.

    And he said all this without stopping to realize that the synopsis of his bad Disney movie would be, “common American mom becomes president.”

    Then there’s the whole other matter of his questions of Palin’s readiness and experience. The problem there is that any GOP member or supporter can make a counter-statement to each point substituting in some aspect of Obama’s limited experience. Then, as the cherry on top, they could finish with, “And here we are, arguing who is the most inexperienced between my VP candidate, and your PRESIDENTIAL candidate!”

    Regardless of her being a good candidate for VP or not, Sarah Palin’s appointment was a brilliant political move by the GOP. She’s even fresher meat than Obama now, so that counters the high media profile issue. Then, she has a combination of qualities that make her a great trap for just this sort of criticism – the sort of trap that Democrats and their supporters have shown a tendency to fall into many times in the past.