“Try ‘Rusty’ Mcain”

“Nah McCain is more of a Sergeant Hatred type…”



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  1. schwa242 says:

    Say… haven’t you compared Rusty to Bush Jr. and Jonas to Bush Sr.?

    Just sayin’.

  2. noskilz says:

    Seems fitting, particularly with his recent dusting off the cold war’s greatest hits routine. Ordinarily, I’d feel bad about spending the odd year watching someone commit political suicide mishima-style but I can’t really muster much sympathy for the guy. Contrariwise, I’d feel kind of bad for Sgt Hatred if he crashed and burned, and he’s an imaginary pervert.

  3. mcbrennan says:

    And, just like in the Venture Bros universe, this gentleman should be kept far away from any supervisory role over our children. Especially those of draft age.

    The “M” is an especially nice touch.

    Hillary as the Monarch, maybe? She is kind of relentless and unbalanced and can’t seem to stop arching Obama.

  4. misterseth says:

    ROTFLMAO! Thanx Todd!

  5. So, who would be Russian Guyski?

  6. Hee yes! I’m honored.