I will wait for those involved with this website to step forward to identify themselves to the public, but for now let me simply point you in their direction and wish them luck with their venture.

UPDATE: No sooner does a grassroots internet phenomenon begin but does it develop an angry backlash.


8 Responses to “!”
  1. chrispiers says:

    Cool, secret fans.

  2. black13 says:

    Bookmarked, in the hopes that they will eventually fill it with content.

  3. Wow!

    And this makes you the proud owner of the “2008 Internets Most Awesome Fans” award!! And it’s only March. Sweet!

  4. I’m actually the one who encouraged the one who got the domain and will be one of several who will be wadpaw-ing. So not really a backlash, but I think it’s funny you thought it was.

    By the way, sir…we bow to you, oh master of the wadpaw. We only hope the site honors the inspiration you’ve given us.

    • Todd says:

      You kids and your “irony.”

      • gazblow says:

        I’m waiting for the Will. I. Am. cameo-filled YouTube video of inspiring things you’ve written, for instance:

        (all dialogue is sung to a vaguely reggae beat)
        Will. I. Am.: “The Dude is unique in the Coen universe in being a protagonist who is perfectly happy with his social standing”
        Scarlett Johanssen: “He does not seek money, betterment, achievement, a child, a mate, clean clothes or, really, anything. . . “
        Common: “besides a state of blissful intoxication!”
        Dane Cook smirks knowingly. Jessica Alba bobs her head with Will. I. Am. as they sing “Wadpaw, Wadpaw, Wadpaw”

        Next to the singers is archival footage of Todd, pale and typing.

  5. edo_fanatic says:

    It’s true, you’ve got content(…even quotable content).

  6. mikeyed says:

    wow, I still think I’m the greatest blogger out there, though… just amazingly exclusive.