Republicans have been getting a lot of stick lately for their so-called crimes. I mean, sure, they steal elections, gut the constitution they were sworn to uphold, start costly, unnecessary wars that throw nations into tumult, squander our nation’s reputation and kill hundreds of thousands of people in order to enrich themselves, loot the treasury, place bonehead incompetents in high positions of power and influence, shoot men in the face then demand they apologize, cackle at the destruction of American cities, flout the Geneva Convention, politicize religion, children and anything else they think will benefit them, hypocritically pass anti-gay legislation while acting as closet gays, disregard the Bill of Rights in order to erode whatever civil liberties they think will gain them more power, but at least no one can say that a Republican would torture a stray dog, hang it by its neck over a tree limb, slit its throat and then stone it to death.

What’s that you say?

Oh. Never mind.


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  1. mr_noy says:

    DAMN. Is this in reference to something that actually happened? I clicked on the link and all I saw was a larger picture of the dog (which, mercifully, appears to still be alive).

  2. noskilz says:

    Romney just can’t can’t get a break – first Huckabee out-holy-rollers him, and now the guy’s kid blows away his foray into canine ill-treament.

    The old saw about truth being stranger than fiction certainly has been getting a workout the last few years, particularly since much of what has come to light has been so freakishly peculiar.