X-Men: First Class part 6

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While Shaw is at the North Pole in his submarine, preparing to destroy the world or something, Raven and Hank waste no time in getting to know each other.  They bond over their shared desires to appear “normal.”  The 1960s are still young, and the postwar conservativism that affected the US, despite the election of Kennedy in 1960, is still very much the order of the day.  Perhaps the hippies of San Francisco would accept a boy with hands for feet or a scaly blue young woman, or perhaps they would be accepted at Harvard, where Timothy Leary was beginning his experiments with LSD.  (Both Raven and Emma wear miniskirts even though they would not be invented until 1964.  Mutants, as always, lead the way in evolution.)

Hank, we learn, has developed a serum that, he believes, will help a mutant maintain his or her abilities while making them appear “normal.”  (How this is supposed to work, I have no idea — that’s right, I doubt the veracity of the science of X-Men.)  Raven can’t wait to be jabbed by Hank’s needle, so to speak, but Erik comes along to pour cold water on their romantic-scientific tryst.  Not only is Erik older and sexier than Hank, he’s prouder and more persuasive than Xavier.  When he tells Raven “I wouldn’t change a thing,” it carries more weight than when Xavier says “Mutant and proud,” because Erik has been through the worst a mutant, an Other, can be put through, and come out the other side, while Xavier has never had to suffer a day in his life.  Thus, he turns Raven’s head as her one-on-one with Hank suddenly becomes a triangle.

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