Feeder Birds returns!

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Yes, it’s true! The new installment of my long-gestating graphic novel Feeder Birds will be presented as part of

‘s long-running cartoon-slide-show evening CAROUSEL. If you, like me, are in New York City next week, this will be where you will want to be. In addition to me, there will be actual talented cartoonists present.

WHEN? Thursday, May 28, 2009!
WHERE? The new Dixon Place, that’s where! 161 Chrystie Street, btw Rivington and Delancey!
HOW MUCH? $15 smackeroos, that’s how much.

See you there!


3 Responses to “Feeder Birds returns!”
  1. Gonna try to make it- gotta find out what’s happening
    in the seediest noir ever…

  2. Anonymous says:


    WTF, Todd?? Has WDTPW gone quietly into that good night?

  3. dhesan says:

    Satchel Paige

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