Why am I not laughing?

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8 Responses to “Why am I not laughing?”
  1. johnnycrulez says:

    Were you laughing at the Palin-Couric interview?

    It was hard not to.

  2. greyaenigma says:

    Don’t let our shadowy overlords catch you not laughing, or you may soon be sent away from your computer — just for a few days, they’ll say.

  3. jdurall says:

    Given former CEO Walden O’Dell’s outspoken advocacy of George W Bush during this bid for re-election, this story sounds much more believable than much of the news coming out this election.

  4. sailortweek says:

    I laughed because it was Diebold’s fault. My uncle used to work for them so I’ve heard stories.

    I’ve been telling people for the last 4 years that I’m not going to enjoy the 2008 sham election.

  5. kornleaf says:

    things that are too close to the truth
    are not s funny as they could be

  6. lesmcclaine says:

    That gave me an uncomfortable tight feeling in my chest.

  7. ogier30 says:

    My personal suspicion is that this is very much why McCain and his campaign have no problem doing stuff like “suspending” or picking Palin or just not really trying very hard.

    They’re mostly focused on creating some kind of narrative to explain why McCain won (disgruntled Clinton supporters being the most obvious story line at the moment).