Waiting for Godot, the Classic Comic edition

click for readable view.

I have no idea who created this. I found it here, with no explanation.

I post this primarily for the edification of

 , who studies comic adaptations of classics (and who’s probably already seen it).  The weird thing is, based on the Classics Illustrated comics R has shown me, this doesn’t even seem like too far a stretch, more like a loving tribute.

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10 Responses to “Waiting for Godot, the Classic Comic edition”
  1. I’m 89% sure it’s from an early-70s National Lampoon.

  2. mcbrennan says:

    This is indeed from the Book of Sequels, and like all good things, the scan seems to have originated on Livejournal.

    I remember when I was a kid, during my unfortunate evangelical indoctrination, we would get these action-comics style adaptations of various Bible stories. Shem, Ham and Japheth as Jack Kirby knockoffs, smashing up sinners with a POW, etc. I like this better.

  3. urbaniak says:

    Didi and Gogo kind of look like Kirk Douglas and George Kennedy, who come to think of it would be awesome in the roles. Somebody make that movie quick!

  4. ghostgecko says:

    That’s BEAUTIFUL, even down to the little *footnote.

  5. r_sikoryak says:

    Of course, I’ve seen it. Found it in a used book store, a few years ago. You should have opened it.

    Inside the same book, I was really startled to see this short (thankfully not illustrated) listing, in their TV Guide parody:

    ” ‘You’re Turning into a Big Fat Bug, Charlie Brown!’
    Animated version of Kafka’s ‘Metamorphosis,’ starring the Peanuts gang.”

    I had to check the book’s copyright: 1990, the same year my “Good Ol’ Gregor Brown” strip was published. So they couldn’t have known about mine, either — I guess the combination was waiting to happen.

  6. chrispiers says:

    I recognize the art as that of Norm Breyfogle, a penciller for Batman once upon a time. Dunno who actually wrote it.