The Italian Job

1969.  Directed by Peter Collinson.

Michael Caine et alia are going to steal a whole bunch of gold from somebody or other in Turin, then get away in a trio of Mini Coopers.

TONE: Blithe, breezy 60s comedy.  Women offer sex at all turns, criminals are concerned about their cars and wardrobe, realism is kept to a bare minimum.  In the most fanciful moment, magic mafiosi appear on the side of an Italian Alp, complete with Piranha Brother hats, suits and tommy guns, then moments later vanish into the hillside like gun-toting fairies.

With supporting performances by Noel Coward and Benny Hill, this film can truly be said to contain the alpha and omega of 20th century British wit.

WORTH NOTING: in the original, the triumphant Mini Cooper chase is intended as a metaphor for British ingenuity.  In the remake, it’s intended as a very long commercial for Mini Coopers.

DOES CRIME PAY?  That is a question that is literally left in the balance.
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