Take the Marvel challenge!

My son Sam (5) has quite suddenly made a dramatic shift from DC to Marvel.  Interest in Batman and Superman has dropped precipitously, interest in Iron Man and Hulk has increased exponentially.  More to the point from a marketing point of view, he has immediately and instinctively assessed Marvel’s presence as a “brand,” and refers to Marvel characters not as “superheroes,” but “Marvel superheroes.”  As in, he goes up to other kids at school and asks if they want to “play Marvel superheroes.”

One result is that he has gone from drawing pictures of the Justice League to drawing pictures of, well, everyone in the Marvel universe.  All in the same drawing, as though trying to catch up after years of neglect.

Below is one of his latests efforts.  Test your Marvel knowledge!  How many of these characters can you name?

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Robolizard has done a heroic job with some tough material.  The ones he missed are all pretty much the ones I missed too.  Luckily I had the artist available to interpret for me.

Here is the complete set:

1. Mr. Fantastic
2. Silver Surfer
3. Spider-Man
4. Ant-Man
5. Nightcrawler
6. Daredevil (complete with endearing backwards 5-year-old double-D)
7. The Hulk
8. Black Panther
9. Iron Man (would be easier to identify if Sam had had access to the correct shade of red)
10. Lightspeed (who is Lightspeed?  She is a member of Power Pack, of course, why do you ask?  She is identifiable by her rainbow trail that she leaves whenever she zips from place to place.)
11. Rogue (probably the toughest one here.  Sam had trouble getting across the idea of the white streak in her hair.)
12. Wolverine
13. Human Torch (Johnny Storm, that is — everyone knows the original Human Torch has no face.)
14. The Thing
15. The Wasp
16. Elektra (I know, I know, she’s topless — how advanced my son is! — but he got her little strappy things right.)
17. She-Hulk.

Congratulations to all our — well, our player!

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13 Responses to “Take the Marvel challenge!”
  1. robolizard says:

    Of course you’re banking on the naturally esoteric nature f these characters… but I am not teh fooled…

    2.-Silver Surfer
    4-Ant-man [or in this case, possibly lice man]
    5-That X-Men who teleports…Nightsomething…
    6- A Bizzaro World Daredevil
    7- A Sickly Homelessman/The Hulk
    10- David Bowie
    12-yay! I know this one! Superhomelessman/Wolverine!
    13-The Human Torch
    14-Da Thiiing…
    15-Da Wasp!
    16- Thor, Protector of Asgard!
    17- My third wife [sssssssnap]

    Oh man… kudos to Sam Alcott on da picture…oh MAN…

  2. eronanke says:

    I wish I was that talented. But I did once write a “book” in the 1st grade entitled, (quite stunningly, I might add): “WHO SHOT THE PRESIDENT!?!”

    I wish I had followed up on that…

  3. rfd says:

    Robolizard has beaten us all!

    While your son is definitely heading in the right direction, don’t let him lose sight of Batman.

  4. ghostgecko says:

    This brings back memories. Memories of trying to get the nursery school teacher to draw the “S” on Superman’s chest because I couldn’t, then she drew it wrong and I threw a fit. And the Incredible Hulk was the first person I drew a nose on. Until then I avoided drawing noses – I was perfectionist little shit even at that age. I kept showing it to everyone because I’d drawn such a perfect nose, but no one was impressed as I was with myself.

  5. r_sikoryak says:

    It’s wonderful.

    Somehow, the compact composition and subtle pallette remind me of those crowd scenes drawn by…
    …Alex Ross.

    I’m not kidding.

    Of course, Sam’s drawings are better.

    • Todd says:

      I’ve tried to interest Sam in Alex Ross, but he crinkles his nose at him. He thinks the people in Alex Ross paintings always look weird. To the point where Sam will say things like “That’s not really the Joker, that’s just someone dressed up like the Joker.”

      He liked the painting of Ant-Man looming over New York, but that’s about it.

      • r_sikoryak says:

        Sam’s art criticism is very astute.

        After all, whose Galactus is more believable, Jack Kirby’s or Alex Ross’?

        On the other hand, the more real Ant-Man looks, the better. Just ask Garrett Morris.

        • Todd says:

          Well, don’t forget, Bruce Timm was his gateway drug into all this. Compared to him, everyone is going to look weird.