Some thoughts on Fantastic Mr. Fox

Surprise of surprises, it’s turning into a wonderful autumn at the movies. As a rule, I don’t enjoy Wes Anderson’s movies, but I thought Fantastic Mr. Fox was a hoot and a half. And it’s very purely a Wes Anderson movie: a quirky guy set in a neurotic milieu triumphs through his quirkiness, all presented with a dry, self-aware wit. Normally, that kind of thing rubs me the wrong way but this movie bowled me over. Anderson should make more movies about talking animals.

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11 Responses to “Some thoughts on Fantastic Mr. Fox”
  1. gillan says:

    I am really excited about this movie. I didn’t realize it was a Wes Anderson.

  2. I had a smile on my face about as wide as the ones I get while watching Venture Bros. episodes during my viewing of Fox. Really good stuff. My girlfriend liked it even more than I did. Because of the furry factor.

    (Oh yeah, and, “The Revenge Society” = !!!)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Any chance we could someday get a review/overview of what you don’t like about Wes Anderson’s movies? I’m a huge fan of his and a big fan of yours and would like a critical review from a source I respect.

    • Todd says:

      Anderson once drove through a puddle in front of me and splashed my pants, and then laughed about it.

    • vinic says:

      I would be interested in this as well. Maybe a comparison between Fox and his other work revealing what the former does better in your eyes. I just know you’re not the type to enjoy one film over another simply because the presentation changed.

      Antz notwithstanding.

  4. prog says:

    Happy to hear this. Saw the trailer in the theater last week, and it managed to make the film look unfunny and charmless, while displaying blurb after blurb about only unusual animation style.

    I held out hope that this was because the film’s sense of humor is so dry that the poor trailer-cutter didn’t know what to do with it…

    • Todd says:

      The trailer definitely juices up the humor. I thought the trailer made it look precious and cute, but the movie isn’t that at all.

  5. ja_samonikla says:

    so I loved this book when I was a kid. I hope it doesn’t dash all of my memories.

    • Todd says:

      I actually haven’t read the book so I can’t tell you. I do know that it’s very much a Wes Anderson movie, although there were several aspects to it that made me think “Oh, yes, that’s Dahl there.”

  6. craigjclark says:

    As usual, I’ll have to wait until this actually arrives in my area before I can check it out for myself. I must admit, though, I’ve been exposed to the trailer more times than I care to thin about and that generally has a way of turning me off to a movie.

  7. Yeah this was a beautiful little movie.
    I am a Wes Anderson fan, but the quirky stop motion animation style definitely takes the whole affair to another place.
    I think it most closely resembles “Bottle Rocket”- sans James Cann (who would have been a great addition to the menagerie!)

    Anyway – glad you liked it Todd…let’s hope for more inspired animation projects in the future that don’t necessarily look like Disney or Pixar ect…