Sam at Thebes

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Both Sam (7) and Kit (5) are in their “interested in Ancient Egypt” phase. Over dinner, I asked them if they knew about the Riddle of the Sphinx. They had not, so I explained.

DAD. Okay. So. I’m a Sphinx, and you want to get into the city of Thebes. If you answer my riddle correctly, you get to go in. If not, I eat you. Ready?

SAM. Sure.

DAD. Okay. This is the riddle: In the morning I go on four legs, at mid-day on two, and in the evening upon three. What am I?

SAM. You’re a sphinx!


24 Responses to “Sam at Thebes”
  1. rojagato says:

    Coffee, meet monitor.
    Monitor, coffee.

  2. veedub says:

    he’s right, you know.

  3. Ha! Brilliant!

    I would have to count that as “technically correct.”

  4. greyaenigma says:

    You’re either one very amused sphinx or one very peeved sphinx.

    Here’s hoping for amused.

  5. memento_mori says:

    That kid’s going to to take over Asia Minor you know.

  6. sorceror says:

    I think you should do the Gordian Knot with him next.

  7. The logic fairy can’t argue with that one.

    Though the Sphinx would probably work on rephrasing it next time round.

  8. malsperanza says:

    He’s definitely grasped the concept of the Ancient Greek Trick Question. Now try him on the Delphic Oracle’s gimmicky line, “If you cross the river you will destroy a great empire, muahahaha.”

  9. malpertuis says:

    hopefully this means he won’t kill you and, well, you know…

  10. mimitabu says:

    well-played, sam.

  11. quitwriting says:

    He’s technically correct. 😀

    It occurred to me the other day… have you ever done a break-down on Cast Away?

  12. johnnycrulez says:

    This is off topic…

    But I just saw some pictures of Urbaniak and his livejournal. Knowing you two are friends, it raised some questions.

    Do you have as awesome a tie collection as him?

  13. stormwyvern says:

    This sounds like a perfect starting point for a comedic story about a Greek adventurer who faces all the trials of the classic Greek heroes in unconventional ways.

    I’d like to think the sphinx would think it over for a minute, get really flustered, and let Sam into Thebes.

  14. adam_0oo says:

    Knock Knock

    Who’s there?

    Me, it is me, you can see me right here!

  15. rennameeks says:

    I can just see the Sphinx facepalming at this.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Are you watching any new TV with Sam lately? There’s a new Batman cartoon on Cartoon Network (featuring Snarky Batman), and they have another show (The Secret Saturdays) that’s got a Jonny Quest – Herculoids vibe going on. I think they’re both on Friday nights, in a block with the Star Wars toon.

    • Todd says:

      A new Batman cartoon? Did they finish already with The Batman?

      • Anonymous says:

        Yep, that one’s done–five seasons and completed.

        The new show, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, has an artstyle that reminds people of the Adam West Batman, but it works in the show, I think. The new show has guest-stars every episode, and different villains and locations–the last ep had Batman and Plastic Man fighting Gorilla Grodd.

        This show isn’t written as deeply as JLU, at least not so far, but it seems to be a fun show so far. Snarky Batman makes me smile. I’d be interested to see what you think.