Programming note

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I will be out of town through Saturday, sans computer and thus sans blog. I trust nothing particularly interesting is going to happen between then and now.


6 Responses to “Programming note”

    *runs around in a panic*

  2. teamwak says:

    Dont worry, the crashing tsunami of financial woe will find you where ever you are on your roadtrip.

    As we say in the UK “Sleep tight, and don’t have nightmares” *

    * Famous ending quote from British “help find the bad guys” TV show Crimewatch. **

    ** No longer used after the presenter of the show Jill Dando was executed on her doorstep by possible Serbian assassins***

    *** I’m not joking, either 🙁

  3. quitwriting says:

    Okay, lemme just put in a call…

    Hello, Mr. McCain? Yeah, Todd Alcott’s going on vacation. Yeah. So if you could… yeah. Just until Sunday. You can finish torpedoing your election then. Thanks.

  4. chrispiers says:

    Then I’ll give YOU a fun video to watch. Well, it’s mostly just giving you some common sense recommendations.

  5. ndgmtlcd says:

    You’ll just miss a dull motorcade through Dallas.