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Due to a rather pressing assignment, I haven’t been able to spend as much time watching movies as I have intended this week. I am working my way through the tricky, labyrinthine plot machinations and Bergmanian psychological drama of the 1966 Batman, and will post my analysis soon.

Then, at the request of jacksonpublick , I’m going to analyze Steven Spielberg’s Munich before I move on to the rest of the Batman movies. Fair is fair, it’s the only Spielberg movie I have left to analyze and it doesn’t seem fair to keep it hanging like that.

Last night, Urbaniak came over, as well as LA theater maven Lee Costello, and we watched The Miracle At Morgan’s Creek, about which I may have something worthwhile to say when I have time. In the meantime I beg your patience.


24 Responses to “Programming note”
  1. mcbrennan says:

    I love Morgan’s Creek. Wait, for some reason that sounded faintly dirty. But it’s one of my very favorite movies and I look forward to making numerous overblown, redundant and obvious observations in a future comments thread.

    And now I am off to bed. Happy New Year…hope ’09 brings the Alcott clan much happiness. 🙂

  2. curt_holman says:

    If you’ve never seen it, I recommend ‘Batman & Mr. Freeze: Subzero,’ one of the animated films, to you and your son. My daughter and I watched it for the first time on New Year’s Day and very much enjoyed it. It’s about 67 minutes and nicely put together. According to Wikipedia, it was the highest rated Batman movie on Rotten Tomatoes until ‘The Dark Knight’ opened.

    • stormwyvern says:

      I fully agree that the Bat-analyses should include anything animated that counts as a movie, even though I still have some rather big problems with the deus ex machina ending to Sub-Zero.

  3. craigjclark says:

    I look forward to your thoughts on Munich. I liked it very much when I saw it and was surprised that it didn’t do better at Oscar time. It received five nominations, yes, but the fact that Crash bested it (and Brokeback Mountain and Capote and Good Night, and Good Luck.) for Best Picture was a complete travesty.

  4. popebuck1 says:

    Along the lines of ‘s suggestion, don’t forget to watch Mask of the Phantasm among the other Batman movies. The animated Dini-Timm movies certainly rank among the best adaptations of the Batman mythos, of ANY kind.

  5. Can you put in a reciprocal demand to Mr. Publick? Like, I dunno, maybe you’ll do a Munich write-up if he releases an episode of the next Venture Brothers season early?

    On a side note, this gem of a video of Mr. Spielberg popped up on the tubes the other day. It’s hard to tell who’s high and who isn’t, which may be the point.

  6. medox says:

    A good follow-up to The Miracle at Morgan’s Creek is the The Great McGinty. In a loose way Morgan’s is a sequel — or at least partially parallel to — McGinty.

    • craigjclark says:

      I kept meaning to check out The Great McGinty during this last election cycle. It’s one of the few Sturges films I haven’t caught up with yet.

      • Anonymous says:

        Watch it immediately! But don’t get me started on the subject of Sturges. Just ask R. Sikoryak.

  7. robolizard says:

    Off topic, but if you’re analyzing superhero culture and movies, you should check out this article:

    About a sad depressed real person who dresses up in a costume and fights crime.

  8. planettom says:

    The 1966 Batman movie taught me that some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb!


  9. foryourfyi says:


    Did you ever analyze “Hook?”