Nota bene!

Attention all Wadpaw readers!  

‘ s long-aborning book, Masterpiece Comics, is now in stores and at your favorite online retailers.  Purchase of this volume is mandatory.  Do not go back to school without it, it will mark you with the badge of cool.  It is a collection of comics/literature mash-ups that illuminate both the comics and the literature in the process.  Sikoryak finds striking parallels between high culture and low, and you will never look at Crime and Punishment again, assuming of course that you’ve looked at Crime and Punishment at least once in the first place.


5 Responses to “Nota bene!”
  1. moroccomole says:

    Did he do the cool Batman/Crime and Punishment mash-up in D&Q a few years ago?

  2. angevin2 says:

    The fact that it contains a Bronte/EC Comics mashup has completely made my day.

  3. greyaenigma says:

    Maybe purchasing this will make up for not buying The Book of Sequels years ago.

  4. It’s a moral imperative!
    + girls will like you more if you read comix with a literary bent…