Nota bene

























Helsinor, my 2001 play that tells Hamlet from the point of view of his uncle Claudius, is now for sale through the Indie Theater Now! archive.

The original production starred Vine Superstar Mr. James Urbaniak as the mad prince and Mr. Steven “Dr. Orpheus” Rattazzi as Polonius.  It debuted in the first week of September 2001 at the Theatorium on Stanton Street in NYC.  On 9/11, New York was put on lockdown south of Houston Street, so it actually became illegal to see my show.  The terrorists won.

(The fabulous poster design, above, was drawn by the great cartoonist R. Sikoryak.  You should buy his book.)


2 Responses to “Nota bene”
  1. Thomas says:

    How would someone go about getting the rights to put this on?

    • Todd says:

      If that sort of thing isn’t covered on the website, one could always contact me directly, or through Facebook.