Mantis update

How my pretties have grown! It seems like just yesterday (but was actually more like eight weeks ago) they were teeny tiny little things. Ceiling shed her (I’ve decided she’s a her)latest skin yesterday, and is now ginormous. She looks like she could eat Snacks for snacks. Meanwhile, li’l Booie has gotten big enough to catch adult crickets.hitcounter

This calls for a change in housing assignments! Booie, straining against the confinement of his yogurt container, has been moved to the “green terrarium,” which was, until recently, the prime domain of Snacks. Snacks, meanwhile, has been promoted to the larger “white terrarium”, where he will, no doubt, enjoy eating the crickets left behind by Ceiling. Ceiling, meanwhile, queen of all mantids as far as I’m concerned, has moved into the enormous five-gallon “black terrarium,” and has a roommate, namely, the Giant Black African Millipede. The Giant Black African Millipede is a strict vegetarian, so Ceiling should be able to escape his wrath. Plus, the Millipede mostly lives under his log and Ceiling lives, well, guess where. Ceiling, for her part, I cannot imagine will try to take a swipe at the Millipede, which is about ten times larger than her and has heavy body armor to boot. Mostly, I doubt either one will know the other is there.

Booie stretches out in his swanky new digs.

Snacks contemplates his newly inherited crickets. Soon they will be in his belly.

Ceiling looks a little overwhelmed by the rapturous splendor of her new home.

Giant Black African Millipede has no comment.


3 Responses to “Mantis update”
  1. medox says:

    I’m either incredibly fascinated with, or intensely terrified of, the Giant Black African Millipede. My brain refuses to pick one side of the fence on this.

    • that’s one big ditto.
      also, I’m scared of Todd Alcott now. *grin*

    • Todd says:

      The Giant Black African Millipede should be frightening to you only if you are slice of cucumber. If you’re a slice of cucumber, run for your life. Everyone else is perfectly safe.