Kit corner

DAD. Kit, I love your new drawing!
KIT (4). Thank you!
DAD.  What does the “TM” mean?
KIT.  That means nobody can steal it!
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17 Responses to “Kit corner”
  1. mr_noy says:

    And all this time I thought incorporating elements of refrigerator art was protected under fair use. From the mouth of babes…

  2. greyaenigma says:

    im in ur journal infringin ur trademark

  3. robolizard says:

    Whoa! I used to do that too actually, but usually to make some sort of weird joke. I guess I couldn’t imagine anyone would be dastardly enough to steal my picture. I used an (r)though. Its what Batman used.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ah.. Kids! How you must feel, watching him on the journey of life, starting to process the real alphabet of symbols that will help him to articulate his thoughts – the TM, RTM, Copyrights, and maybe that one for patent? – and ascertain ownership of creative labor in the cultural field ahead. Before you know it, he’s all grown up, got the copyright laws with all their marks down, sussed out the cultural commons stuff, and one day, he’ll let you know the outcome, “Dad, I want to be a lawyer” with the added caveat “entertainment law looks like a promising field”

    • Todd says:

      Well, Kit is a girl, but otherwise I know what you mean.

      When I was around her age I would watch Hanna-Barbera’s Wacky Races. One of the cars on that show was driven by a goofy scientist named Professor Pat Pending. I thought nothing of it until I noticed, on the bottom of each and every one of my Hot Wheels cars, the words “PAT. PENDING.” Then I thought that there must be a real Professor Pat Pending. I knew there was a joke being made somewhere, but it took a while for me to sort out what it was.

      • Anonymous says:

        oops – Sorry about that gender reversal with Kit!
        In a related point – there is alot to blame on a childhood watching “Wacky Races”, I can tell you. I still don’t know if I have EVER figured out Dastardly’s real relation to Muttley, but it is certainly more than meets the eye and garnered a few spin-offs at that.

  5. nickfracaro says:

    “There’s a bit of a story, worth recounting, behind Warhol’s signature stamp. Back in the 1960’s, when Pop was young, the art dealer Leo Castelli admonished Warhol for not signing his works. Warhol refused to sign them, explaining that anonymity was a crucial part of his mass-produced photographs, sculptures and screen-prints. Castelli, livid at his intransigence, threatened to drop him from the gallery stable. Eventually Warhol relented, agreeing to mark each of his works with a signature stamp. Castelli got his bankable signature, and Warhol got his mass reproducibility. Everyone was happy.”

  6. eronanke says:

    Are those… dare I say… hieroglyphs at the top?

    • Todd says:

      Kit says those are “the animals.” The one on the far left is a snake.

      • eronanke says:

        As far as I’m concerned, little Kit is communicating on a very subtle level. Brilliant girl.
        The Cave-Dwellers of France could not have done better. 🙂
        PS- The bear-like creature is my favorite.

  7. dougo says:

    Maybe it’s time to read Kit “The Pig and The Box”.

    • Todd says:

      I see no reason for Kit to read The Pig and the Box. She is infringing on no one’s copyright. She has, with this drawing of a collection of creatures and people, created enough IP (intellectual property) to last a career. She’s not ripping anyone off. How dare you, sir!

      [the hearts I’m less clear on, as they are part of a sticker collection and thus potentially actionable.]

      Sam, on the other hand, with his wall of drawings of superheroes, could probably get us all thrown in jail.

      • dougo says:

        That’s actually an anti-copyright fable (or at least anti-DRM).

        • Todd says:

          What?! Now you want my daughter to give up her intellectual property?! She’s only four! She could develop these characters into multi-million-dollar properties! Electro-Boy and Big-Left-Hand Man Take Care of The Animals! (I see Ben as Electro-Boy and Owen as Big-Left-Hand Man.) This could be her life’s work, and you want her to give it away! She’s only a child!