Kids these days

(The TV room, afternoon. Kit (4) is watching The Fairly Oddparents. A commercial is playing.)

KIT: Stupid remote! Stupid! Dad! Da–ad!

(Dad enters.)

DAD: What’s up?
KIT: I can’t get the remote to work!
DAD: Let me see it.

(He takes the remote. It works fine.)

DAD: It works fine.
KIT: I mean it won’t work on this TV show! I can’t get it to start over, or skip the commercials, or pause when I need the bathroom!
DAD: Oh, well that’s because this is live TV. Here, see, when you press the “pause” button, the little box comes on in the corner that says “LIVE TV?” That’s what that means, it means that this is being broadcast right now, it’s not a recording, you can’t pause it or make it go back.
KIT: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I HATE LIVE TV!

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3 Responses to “Kids these days”
  1. inkboy says:

    You can pause live TV on a Tivo/DVR, you just can’t fast-forward. I had to explain this to some friends when I got one of the first Tivos – “It is not a time machine!”