Kids these days (a true story)

KIT (4): Waaaaaahh!  Mommy ruined my drawing!!  Waaaaaaahhhh!
SAM (5) (genuine concern): What happened, Kit?
KIT: Waaaaaaah!  I asked Mommy to draw a sweater on my girl and she drew long sleeves!  Waaaaaahhh!  She ruined my drawing!  She ruined my WHOLE DAY!  Waaaaahhhh!
SAM: It’s okay Kit, we can scan it and fix it in Photoshop!
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7 Responses to “Kids these days (a true story)”
  1. mikeyed says:

    In my day, that would be about the time when I figured out that long sleeeves are in fashion whenever its from.

  2. eronanke says:

    You children are cooperative.

  3. toku666 says:

    Great story.

    You are also extremely lucky. Very few older siblings end up in the “mediator” role. They far more often fall into the “instigator” role.

  4. greyaenigma says:

    “Fix it in post”. Of course.

  5. craigjclark says:

    Sorry this has nothing to do with your (admittedly adorable) kids, but I keep checking back to see if you’ve reposted your write-up on David Fincher’s Zodiac. I saw it Saturday night, but didn’t want to read what you wrote until I was about to get my thoughts down first. Sunday morning I went looking and your entry was nowhere to be seen.

    So what happened? Inquiring minds want to know. (I want to know!)