In happier news —

Jack White and Alicia Keyes have recorded the under-the-titles song for the new James Bond movie, and you can here it here. It crunches.  Duran Duran are running for the hills, a-ha hang their heads in shame and even Shirley Bassey is checking over her shoulder as this Bond-a-riffic juggernaut comes trundling down the stats


20 Responses to “In happier news —”
  1. yetra says:

    woo! In even happier news, I am seeing the racontours on Sunday. Can’t wait!

  2. stormwyvern says:


    This may be the first time I actually feel compelled to buy a Bond theme track. I just hope the opening sequence is as stylish as the one from “Casino Royale” (which happens to be the only Bond movie I’ve seen in theaters, or all the way through for that matter.)

  3. eronanke says:

    Shirley Bassey is checking over her shoulder


  4. bassfingers says:

    I can’t tell if Jack White looks more like Johnny Depp or Michael Jackson in that photo… Which is rather scary, actually.

  5. craigjclark says:

    Ehh. It’s no “Live and Let Die.”

    And the oh-oh-oh-oh-ing in the bridge got on my nerves fast.

  6. teamwak says:

    Its not a good one, is it?

    I would have much preferred this version that British comedian Joe Cornish did for it. 😉

  7. black13 says:

    Hmph. I think this one beats out even Madonna’s “Die Another Day” as Worst Bond Song Ever.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I bet Amy Winehouse will be thrilled to hear how good their attempt turned out…

  9. r_sikoryak says:

    I’m a little disappointed with the song’s title. “Another Way to Die” reminds me of Another Stakeout and Another 48 Hours.

    Jack could have at least called it “Bond 22.” Lots of words rhyme with “two.”

    In any case, Tom Jones remains unscathed.

  10. chatoyant_1 says:

    I see a real issue with the sound – that is Jack White’s technology of gated, condensed, compressions, squeezing the audio range of the vocals – which may be fine for enveloping his yelps, screams, guitar launches, and so on, but just sounds wrong for Alicia Keys.

    The result is decidedly UN-cinematic (which is not the point of a BOND film theme, unless this is some underground version) Really, who one wants to hear that garage-sound powered up on a cinema backing Bond. It should have been a sweet and nasty back and forth, Alicia’s sexy voice allowed to expand in range and do her thing, and if Jack White needed to show he has a brand at the mixing desk, he could have played something off against her.

    It’s funny, rumor is Amy was mumbling in her version apparently, and in this version, far too many effects are added to the vocals. Is there something of a contemporary statement on Bond vehicles going on here, that no one wants to just get up there and give it some Bassey?

  11. dougo says:

    I like the sound of it, but did they forget to put in any hooks?