Feeder Birds in NYC

I will be in NYC, presenting a new chapter of my never-to-be-completed graphic novel Feeder Birds at R. Sikoryak’s Carousel. Wednesday, May 21, 8pm, at the world-famous Dixon Place, 258 Bowery. Only the terminally unhip will pass this up.

This chapter features all your favorite Feeder Birds touchstones:



And, of course, plenty of bird-on-bird VIOLENCE!

A splendid time is guaranteed for all.



8 Responses to “Feeder Birds in NYC”
  1. r_sikoryak says:

    Looks great! And I like your new font.

    Those who attend the show will see a wide variety of attractive fonts and hand crafted lettering.

  2. medox says:

    Wow. Birds are violent bastards.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Forget the violence! THAT CARDINAL HAS HANDS!

  4. kornleaf says:

    are you going to be in ny june 4th -11th?

  5. Oooooohhh, great topic of the day, Todd!

    If you want any bird on man, can I suggest searching the annals of YouTube for “magpie” and “swoop”.

    Australia gets all the glory for its sharks, snakes, spiders and sea stingers, but there is nothing quite as surreal as looking up and realising you are looking down the beak of a bird that is intent on taking your head off…

    Then of course, there is the butcher bird that catches a smaller bird and puts it into the fork of a tree for further torture…

    • Todd says:

      Re: Oooooohhh, great topic of the day, Todd!

      Nature does not like us.

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: Oooooohhh, great topic of the day, Todd!

        “Nature does not like us.”

        We aren’t doing too well with culture either.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I need more Feeder Birds!

    Hope the book will be published sooN!