Crass commercialism

You’ve seen him write about movies, maybe you’ve even seen his movies, now you can own his movie memorabilia!

It’s occurred to this writer that his children are not, in fact, going to educate themselves, and all the toys he bought as a carefree, spendthrift, childless movie nut would now be better turned into cold hard cash. Starting with this handsome Godzilla toy from the ill-regarded 1998 release. Matthew Broderick not included.

If you are interested in obtaining this crucial piece of pop-culture history, or if you just want to read this author’s pithy description of same, here’s your chance.

And here‘s another!

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28 Responses to “Crass commercialism”
  1. greyaenigma says:

    Unfortunate timing. You’d stand a better chance if I hadn’t been laid off today.

  2. noskilz says:

    I haven’t really kept up with his site, but the guy who did the X-Entertainment website (the “X” being for “gen-x,” rather than “x-rated”) used to do quite a bit of ebaying and claimed that an oddball knicknack and a good story was worth a great deal more than just the kicknack alone, and with any luck at all your punchy description will reinforce that notion.

  3. mcbrennan says:

    Is “metropolises” the correct plural of “metropolis”? It’s not “metropolii” or something? No, wait, it would have to be “metropolius” to get the “ii”. Nevermind.

    When I was younger, I had the 70s toy Godzilla, who was a creampuff compared to this green-plated killing machine. That Godzilla had a lovable sidekick named Godzuki. Your Godzilla would have chewed Godzuki’s head off faster than you can say “Scrappy Doo”.

    Couldn’t you save your toys and just sell autographed pictures of Urbaniak instead?

    • Todd says:

      Who would buy a photo of Urbaniak autographed by me?

      • mcbrennan says:

        Putting aside the difficulties of the lay person in authenticating Urbaniak’s handwriting, surely you realize those fanatical Venture Bros fans would give their eye-teeth to own a piece of Doc Venture’s wardrobe. You could always ferret away various garments while you’re over there visiting. Chop ’em into squares like they did with the Beatles’ sheets, add a hastily-designed certificate of authenticity and presto! Instant cash flow.

        Mind you, this may lead to James being abducted by a creepy fan a la Misery, but that’s a problem for another day.

  4. craigjclark says:

    You got the “crass” part right. Don’t know how commercial this particular endeavor will be for you.

    • Todd says:

      Oh, highly so I expect — I just sent away a 1984 Gremlin and a Starship Trooper Warrior Bug today, taking care of my childrens’ education through noon tomorrow.

  5. The power of Godzilla has compelled me to to bid 1-cent above the minimum. Sorry, but the economy, etc.

  6. robolizard says:

    Those are some fantastic descriptions.

  7. craigjclark says:

    I freely confess I’m much more interested in the set of Beatles Yellow Submarine figures you just put up.

  8. Todd, seeing that I believe we’re about the same age, you may get a kick out of a daily countdown that I’m running on my blog. I’m calling it “The 25 Toys of Christmas”, listing my 25 favorite toys starting on December 1st thru Christmas day. Complete with images and TV commercials of the toys.
    Here’s what’s gone so far:

    And the main page:

    and while I do have that Lost In Space Robot you’re selling on ebay…. he didn’t make the list.