blog note

I am currently doing my holiday traveling with my family. Due to security issues, I cannot divulge my location — however, the above photo is the view from my hotel window. I will continue blogging if I have something of interest to say, but will not be analyzing any screenplays for a week or so.

After I get back on 12/28, I willbegin my analysis of the Batman movies. For those of you who cannot wait that long, you may read my informal thoughts on 1966’s Batman: The Movie here.

Happy solstice-related holiday!


12 Responses to “blog note”
  1. gretchdragon says:


    Time for a little analysis from your fans.

    That can’t possibly be a view from a hotel window. That’s the view over the Bridge from Sausalito, pointed at the city. There’s no hotel where that picture is taken, just a very famous point that you can drive to. See Fort Point, that big white cross, under the far side of the bridge? 🙂

    Nice try!

  2. selectnone says:

    The helicopter/shark scene in Batman: The Movie was terrifying for me at the age of three or four or so.

    If you go in the sea a shark will bite you.

  3. black13 says:

    Merry Giftmas.

  4. curt_holman says:

    BTW, who says it’s hard thinking up an idea for a ‘Dark Knight’ sequel?

  5. Anonymous says:

    nice try

    Nice try Todd and welcome to my ‘hood. That pic is from the Marin Headlands, there are no hotels there.


  6. swan_tower says:

    Oh, sure — show up in my neck of the woods right when I’ve left, and leave right when I’m coming back.

  7. woodandiron says:

    Happy Holidays!

    Programming question: Has your new superhero assignment and the subsequent revisiting of the Batman films put off your Spielberg analysis? I was quite looking forward to your Munich analysis.

    But I am quite excited for your Batman posts. Your Dark Knight posts have got me so excited to re-watch that movie that I’m slightly miffed I asked for it for Christmas instead of just buying the damn thing for myself.

    At any rate, enjoy yourself over the holidays.

  8. The days will only get longer for the next six months.

    Merry _____ !

  9. noskilz says:

    Happy Holidays. I look forward to the resumption of an active and interesting blog in the not too distant future.