9 Responses to “”
  1. If anyone needed proof that John McCain is really a Discordian prankster, this is it.

  2. catwalk says:

    iz not invazhun…
    we’z helping! LOL!!11!1!

  3. kornleaf says:

    gotta love the revisionist views of history, and present.

  4. mr_noy says:

    In the 21st century, nations don’t invade other nations.

    True, we just call them “rogue states” and that makes everything OK.

  5. chronoso says:

    to paraphrase earlier comments of members of the McCain campaign “John McCain does not speak for the McCain campaign”

  6. shocka says:

    You forgot the “… in Europe!” part that was the punchline to this hilarious quote. Don’t you watch The Daily Show? Tut tut!

  7. noskilz says:

    This seems to be a recurring problem with McCain. Does he not realize people can look this stuff up or does he just not care? Banking that most of the public is too preoccupied and disinterested to keep track is probably a safe bet, but can’t he at least be professional enough to put on a decent show?