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  1. teamwak says:

    Big screen Lolcats

    After Mr Bowies storming turn in The Prestige , does this mean its big screen Lolcats?

    Image Hosted by
    Shot at 2007-08-16

    Image Hosted by
    Shot at 2007-08-16


  2. mcbrennan says:

    Geek moment: before I scrolled down to read the text, I actually said “hey, that cat is David Bowie!” Clearly I am the demographic for whom the psyops division of DARPA invented lolcats.

  3. autodidactic says:

    Make way for the Felis Superior!

  4. craigjclark says:

    The return of the Thin White Duke, scratching claws in lovers’ eyes.

  5. medox says:

    Damn that clever shape-shifter!

  6. greyaenigma says:

    I certainly hope the Thin White Duck makes an appearance in Feeder Birds at some point.

  7. ghostgecko says:

    Except Mr. Bowie’s eyes aren’t different colors, are they? It’s just that his one pupil is paralyzed. Oh well, it’s a cute kitten anyway.

    Iz it share macroz tiem now, plz?

  8. ghostgecko says:

    Owen Wilson Befriends a Dolphin

    ON a completely different topic, Todd, do you read the Onion? I read this today and couldn’t help but think of you: